Death Certificate / NOC for transportation of Dead Body Death Certificate / NOC for transportation of Dead Body

Death Certificate / NOC for transportation of Dead Body

Transportation of mortal remains of Indian nationals to India :

The following documents are necessary for PUBLIC HEALTH CLEARANCE of Human Remains :

  1.      1. Death Certificate issued by the Health Department  and International Death Certificate clearly mentioning the cause of death.

If the cause of death is mentioned as Cardio-respiratory arrest/natural death/pending to be ascertained after post-mortem/not possible to clearly mention the exact cause of death due to some unavoidable reasons – then in all such situations, the Health Department is required to issue a certificate stating “the person has not died because of the infectious/communicable/notifiable disease”.

  1.      2. Embalming certificate.


[The documents would be attested by the Embassy.]

  1.      3. NOC from the Indian Embassy/Consulate.
  2.      4. Passport of the deceased (required to be cancelled at the Embassy).
  3.      5. Flight details.

Note :The above documents in original  (with English translation where required), photocopy of the documents and passport of the deceased are required to be  presented to the Health Officer at the airport for clearance of  mortal remains.


Indian Death Certificate/ No Objection Certificate for transporting dead body to India(to be issued by the Consulate)

Certificates are issued by the Consulate to enable transport of a dead body to India. Original document along with one set of copies are required to submit in person at the Consulate after scheduling an appointment. Appointment may be sought by writing an email on and

Check list of Documents: -

  1. 1. International death certificate (Sterb Urkunde)
  2. 2. Doctor's certificate. (Todesbescheinigung)
  3. 3. Embalming certificate (Einbalsamierung)
  4. 4. Certificate from the undertaker confirming that the packing of body is in accordance with international regulations.
  5. 5. Clearance of German authorities for release of mortal remains. (Leichenpass)
  6. 6. Letter pertaining to shipment of mortal remains.
  7. 7. Original Indian Passport of the deceased
  8. 8. If required any other extra document can be requested by the consulate.


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