Indian Birth Certificate for new-born child abroad (Registration for Indian Citizenship) Indian Birth Certificate for new-born child abroad (Registration for Indian Citizenship)

Indian Birth Certificate for new-born child abroad (Registration for Indian Citizenship)

Consulate General of India



Updated on 03.12.2020

Indian Birth Certificate for new-born child abroad
(Registration for Indian Citizenship by Descent under Section 4(I) of the Citizenship Act, 1995


  1. Online application form is to be filled on the webportal of Government of India at the following link:
  2. Please upload/attach the following with the web application filled on line on the above portal:

    (a) Photograph of the child is to be uploaded on the portal (size 35x35 mm, which background - in JPG format less than 20KB in size)

    (b) Signatures of the both the parents are also required to be uploaded on the portal (in JPG format less than 20 KB in size)

    (c) Birth Certificate of the child issued by local German Authority (in PDF format less than 1 MB in size)

    (d) Scanned copies of passport of both parents (first and last page of the passport – 2 pages of each  passport)  [in PDF format less than 1 MB in size]

  3. After filling-up the form and uploading the above mentioned documents, print out of the same may be taken and the form should be duly signed by both the parents
  4. The form may be submitted/sent to Consulate along with supporting documents as per the Checklist mentioned below.
  5. Application Fee (click here for fee details) can be paid at the counter by cash only. For bank transfer, payment may be made in advance (because it takes 2 to 3 days to get reflected in our bank account) to the Consulate Bank Account (click here for Bank details) and attach a copy of the transaction slip with the application as reference for payment.

Checklist of Documents: 

  1. Print-out of the form filled online as mentioned above
  2. Copy of Birth Certificate issued by the local German Authority
  3. Copies of passports of both parents
  4. Copy of Address proof (Meldebescheinigung/ Personalausweis) of both the parents
  5. Self-addressed enveloped of size C5 with stamp of Euro 4.50 (if applicants requests for dispatch of Birth Certificate by Post)
  6. Fees Structure (Click here)
  7. Bank detail and Procedure (Click here)


  1.  The child is eligible for registration as Indian Citizenship by “Descent” only if any of the parent of the child (or both the parents of the child) hold Indian nationality at the time of birth of the child.
  2.  Indian Consulate reserves the right to ask for any additional documents, if considered necessary.
  3.  Applicant may be called for personal-interview, verification of original documents if considered necessary.


Personal submission of Documents: Application along with supporting documents may be submitted at the Consulate personally by scheduling an appointment at the following link (Click here) .  We encourage applicants to send their applications by post.

Submission by Post:  Completed Application along with supporting document may be sent to the Consulate by Post at the following address:

Indisches General Konsulat
Widenmayerstraße 15,
80538 München

Dispatch/Return of Birth Certificate:  Birth Certificate can be collected from the Consulate between 2.00 to 4.00 PM on any working day after the same is ready.

IMPORTANT: For delivery/return of Certificate by Post, please attach a self-addressed and stamped envelope of size C5 (Euro 4.50) along with your application.

Processing Time for Birth Registration:- 21 working days from the date of receipt of application in the consulate.

Note: the Consulate reserves the right to ask for additional documents or for personal interview of he applicant(s)