Renunciation of Indian Citizenship Renunciation of Indian Citizenship

Renunciation of Indian Citizenship

Renunciation of Indian Citizenship

  • Under Indian law, Indian citizens are required to renounce their Indian citizenship and surrender their Indian passports to the nearest Indian Mission/Post immediately after acquiring foreign citizenship.

  • The Indian Citizenship Act, 1955, does not provide for dual citizenship. Holding Indian passport/acquiring Indian passport/ travelling on Indian passport after acquiring foreign citizenship is an offence under the Indian Passport Act, 1967.

  • In view of these provisions, it is requested that applicants complete the process of Renunciation of Indian Citizenship and surrender their Indian passports before applying for OCI services.

Procedure for applying for Renunciation of Indian Citizenship

For Adults:

  1. The application for Renunciation has to be made online on the Ministry of Home Affairs (Foreigners Division) website at


  2. The Form can be filled only online, and no further modifications are possible. Thus, filing of wrong and incorrect detail may cause rejection/cancellation of application at any stage.

  3. Applicants have to pay the applicable Fees (INR 8,000/-) on the MHA website. However, if they are unable to pay the prescribed fee online due to technical issues, they may pay the equivalent amount of Euros 88/- (excluding ICWF) at the Post’s account in cash.

  1. Once the above process is completed, submit a copy (FORM XXII) in PDF format at Consulate General of India, Munich in person. Applicant's details must be vouched by another Indian national on Form XXII who is not a family member of the applicant.

  2. Signing of form XXII and submission of the application must be done in person at the Consulate for verification on any working day between 9.30 hrs and 12.30 hrs after taking appointment at the link

  3. In case applicant’s last Indian passport is with German authorities, the applicant should contact the concerned German authorities to provide the applicant with their passport. If the same had been forwarded to the Embassy or an Indian Consulate, the respective Indian Embassy/Consulate should be contacted to get back the last Indian passport. The Applicant has to submit physical copy of their passport along with the above mentioned two documents.

  4. Status of application may be followed online at Processing of Citizenship Renunciation applications may take minimum 10-12 weeks (starting from date of receipt of complete application) and the Certificate could be issued only after getting clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi. Applicants are requested to refrain from making status enquiries during this period.

  5. Documents required for Renunciation of Indian Citizenship:

  • Copy of first and last page Current Indian Passport

  • Indian Passport in original (even when expired).

  • Copy of City Registration / Anmeldung.

  • Copy of Foreign Nationality Certificate

  • Copy of Foreign Passport

  • Particulars Form (To be signed by a witness who should be an Indian national other than the applicant and the family member of the applicant)

  • Documents in Original of the above stated must be presented during the verification process

  • Copies of nationality certificate /passport other than German nationality, must be apostilled accordingly before submitting the documents at the Consulate.

  • For delivery of the certificate by post please submit a self-addressed and stamped envelope (Euro 4.50) of size C5 along with your application.

9. For Surrender of Indian Passport please follow the link:

For Minors:

1. Minor applicants are not required to fill an online declaration for Renunciation of Indian citizenship through the MHA portal. They are only required to complete the online application for Passport Surrender Certificate.

2. For Surrender of Indian Passport please follow the link:

3. Personal presence of the applicant with the parents is required for submission of application directly at the Consulate on any working day between 9.30 hrs and 12.30 hr after taking appointment at the link

4. Application Fee of Euro 22/- can be paid at the counter by cash only. For bank transfer, payment may be made in advance (because it takes 2 to 3 days to get reflected in our bank account) to the Consulate Bank Account (click here for Bank details) and attach a copy of the transaction slip with the application as reference for payment.