How to Apply For Passport Services How to Apply For Passport Services

How to Apply For Passport Services

Online Application

1. Hand written passport application form is no longer acceptable. It is mandatory to fill application form online at After filling in the details and successfully acceptance of the application online, a Web File application form is generated that can be printed by the applicant. This printed copy becomes the application form.


2. Print-out passport application needs to be signed on two designated places (on first page under the photograph and the last page of application form). All signatures in the application form should be signed with ballpoint pen of blue or black ink.

3. Those who cannot affix their signature like infants and minors they should put their thumb impression instead of signature below the photograph. Thumb impression should be of left hand in case of males and right hand in case of females. In case of minors, either of the parent needs to affix his/her signature on the last page of the applicant form.

4. It is mandatory that the signature/thumb impression of the applicant should fit exactly in the prescribed signature box provided on the first page as it is scanned and printed on the passport. Unsigned applications will be rejected.


5. Two photographs of size 2 inch by 2 inch with white background (preferably in contrast dress) are required. Paste one photograph in the square box provided for this purpose on the first page. Attach the other photograph with the application.

6. Photographs should not be signed or stapled or marked in any way, as it is required to be scanned and printed on the passport.

7. The photograph should have a frontal view, with both ears and chin to forehead being visible. Eyes should be open. There should not be any distracting shadows on the face or on the background. Head coverings are not permitted except for religious reasons, but the facial features from bottom of chin to top of forehead and both the edges of the face must be clearly shown. The expression on the face should look natural.

8. Black and white photographs, photographs with coloured or dark glasses, dark background or in uniform, Polaroid prints, glossy photographs or computer prints will not be accepted. For more details please follow the link click here (please note that applications with wrong photograph specifications will be rejected.)

Submission of Application Forms:

9.Submission of Passport Application by POST: Completed Application along with supporting document can be sent to CGI Munich by Post at the following address clearly mentioning on the right side of envelope - “Passport Application”:


Sufficient stamp for Einschreigen Deutche postal service

Passport Application


Indisches General Konsulat
Widenmayerstraße 15,
80538 München

10.Submission of Passport Application in Person at Consulate: Completed Application along with supporting document can be submitted personally also at the Consulate strictly by scheduling prior-appointment through online appointment system available at the following link of CGI Munich website - Click Here

Dispatch/Return of new passport

11. For delivery of new Passport Booklet by Post, please send a self-addressed, pre-paid (for Einschreigen Deutche Postal Service which can be tracked) C5 size envelope along with your application. It is requested that separate self addressed pre-paid envelope should be sent for each application as the chances of receipt of different passports from India, at different times cannot be ruled out.

Payment of Fees

12. Application Fee (click here for fee details) can be paid through bank transfer. For bank transfer, payment may be made to the Consulate’s Bank Account in advance as it takes 2 to 3 days to get the amount reflected in our bank account (click here for Bank details). Please attach copy of the transaction slip with the application as proof for payment. Those who are submitting their application in person, please pay the fee at the counter by cash only.

Fees details:Click here

Checklist of documents: Click here

For any query related to passport application please write at
In case you do not get a reply within 5 days. please write at